Tom Homann


This is Tom’s first year at the Pottery Festival. Tom shares his experience: “My first encounter with clay was in 1974. Prior to that I had been exposed to a great deal of art (through family, museums,etc) but at the age of 16, pottery and the act of making had a particular attraction. Since 1986 I have worked full time as a studio production potter, mostly in my own workshops, beginning in San Francisco, CA, Middlebury, VT, and as of 3 years ago, in Comer GA (near Athens). I have always and still do fire to 2400F in a gas kiln. Beginning in 1990 till now my main focus is on wood ash glazes. I enjoy the texture and nuance that these glazes provide. In addition to these glazes I also enjoy working with Shino glazes. Pots for daily use is what I enjoy producing. I like making pots that I would enjoy using daily. This seems to create a sort of bond between the potter and those who own and use the pots.”