Mary Jo Schmith

Mary Jo SchmithMary Jo Schmith is from St.Paul, MN. She will be at the festival with her pottery aka. Front Avenue Pottery.

Stoneware crafted by Front Avenue Pottery is wheel thrown and often altered to produce interesting yet functional forms. Some dinnerware pieces are hand built from rolled clay. The pottery is always worked in a series; several similar pieces made at one time.

Front Avenue carries on the tradition of working raw clay into quality, functional stoneware that is durable and finely crafted. The studio houses two 40 cubic foot natural gas kilns; it’s dinner & serving ware is reduction fired to 2300-2350 degrees *F, vitrifying the clay & giving the studio’s glazes a warm coloring.

Studio formulated & prepared food safe glazes are dipped, hand brushed, slip trailed or airbrushed in playful decorative motifs often repeated in series or sets, making each piece unique!