Luci Haas

L. Haas Large Mugs

We welcome back Luci Haas from Adorae Artworks.

Luci shared her story:

“After graduating with a degree in Ceramics and Sculpture, from the University of MN-Twin Cities, I began exploring and creating my own line of functional ceramics. This body of work focuses on minimal forms brought to life through an atmospheric firing process. The form and surface of each piece is carefully handcrafted with the connection between object and user in mind. My concentration during clay working is on the hand’s experience of the form. In finishing, I use each piece as a blank canvas for my slips and glazes to interact with each other creating surfaces that accent the form’s natural curves. The controlled aspect of making and glazing is dramatically contrasted with the effects of the flame and soda ash during the firing process. This finishing process disrupts the end result in beautiful and unexpected ways. It is these unpredictable moments and through the balancing of control in my process I find myself continually inspired”.

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