Kerry Brooks

Brooks Kerry greenplatecroppedKerry Brooks is the sole proprietor of Dock 6 Pottery in Minneapolis, MN. Dock 6 started in 1994 as a collective of 4 potters looking to share expenses. The other founding members have moved on, and Kerry has run the business for the past 11 years, growing the company to its current level of 45 employees, with several nationwide chains representing her work. Kerry’s formal training as a potter was in Ann Arbor, MI from 1988 to 1992, and Minneapolis has been her home since 1993. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Music from California State University (1988), and another bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan in American Cultures (1992). She was a graduate student and PhD candidate in American Cultures at the University of Minnesota where she taught many undergraduate courses including American History, Women’s Studies, and Writing for the Arts. Her philanthropic work has centered mostly around her daughter’s education as Kerry has volunteered in various educational settings and with the Girl Scouts of America. Pottery remains her passion, but she loves to travel and sing when she’s not running her business or raising her daughter.

Kerry shares about her work and story:

“Pottery is meant to be enjoyed—both on a visual and tactile level. It should catch your eye on a table and should feel satisfying when you pick it up. It should be the piece you return to over and over again. As a ceramic artist, I strive for aesthetic harmony in all of my work, from the most conceptual to the most humble of cups. But as a potter specifically, I simply strive for the user to enjoy the work and for that enjoyment to deepen the more one uses the piece.

I have had the good fortune to make a sustainable living selling my work for the last 20 years through a balance of retail and wholesale venues. My formal training as a ceramic artist took place in Ann Arbor, Michigan from 1988 – 1992 and I have made Minneapolis, Minnesota both my literal and my ceramic home since 1993. The Midwestern ceramic tradition is a robust, well-established one that has seeped into my bones and will always be detectable in my work. I am truly blessed to be able to support myself doing this art that I love so much.

I hope you enjoy my pottery both for its function and its beauty. The pottery with glass is semi-functional and is best used for drier foods. It should not be put in the microwave, dishwasher, or oven. The pottery without glass is fully functional and can be used however you wish. Whether you use your pot everyday or simply leave it out to look lovely, I hope it brings you joy. It is my sincere wish that every pot of mine sold in the world is in the hands of someone who enjoys it thoroughly.

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