Kate Daly

Kate Daly-012 copy

Kate Daly, of Kate Daly Pottery, is new this year at the Pottery Festival.

Kate says of her work: “I am a functional studio potter. My colorful work is wheel thrown and often altered and hand built with a subtle Asian feel of simplicity. I design and develop my own glazes that I use in conjunction with wood stamped and textile impressions that complement the surface design and texture of my stoneware porcelain. My inspiration is derived from exposure to Central and South Asian aesthetics while teaching, researching and participating in development work in village and academic settings. Ultimately my goal is to create pottery forms that expresses both serenity and beauty while it is used. My current studio and gallery is a spacious location on the fourth floor of the Northrup-King Building in the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District.”

Visit her website: Kate Daly Pottery