Carolina Niebres


“I started making pots over 17 years ago after a serious health incident. I’ve wanted to work with clay for a long time but never thought I had the time or energy. In grade school, I used clay to make sculptures. I realized after that event, that life is too short to put off things that truly tug at you. So, I started taking classes at the Edina Art Center and soon became very passionate and obsessed. I wanted to learn and do everything from different firing techniques, decorating, mixing and exploring glazes and finally different ways to fire the pieces.
From the Edina Art Center I attended many workshops given by many potters including Bob Briscoe, Robin Hopper, Ellen Shankin, Richard Bresnahan, Robbie Lobell, Randy Johnston, Jan McKeachie, Andrea Leila Denecke and Bill Gossman. I have also attended a glaze formulation workshop given by Ian Currie and various sessions at NCECA.
I did not take art in college since I was a “good” Filipino daughter and went the “practical” route. I ended up as an electrical engineer at the University of Iowa and my first job was creating software for portable seismographs used for oil exploration. Today I still have a day job working as an information technology analyst at 3M along with selling my work in juried art fairs in the Midwest plus a few galleries.
My work reflects my love of beautiful functional pottery. I believe they can enhance daily life. My intention is to remind people of the beauty and ceremony of their daily activities through the use of my pieces.
In my work I explore different shapes and textures. I also like to play with patterns on my pots. I primarily fire my pots in a high fire soda kiln. I feel that soda firing adds an extra dimension of randomness, movement and excitement to the pots.”

Carolina’s Healing Vessels