Bill Gossman


Bill Gossman is a returning potter from the 2012 MN Pottery Festival. He is from New London, MN and specializes in the art of woodfired pottery.
Bill says: “The medium of clay is my choice for a vehicle that I use to express my ideas and interpretations of the world around me. The responsiveness of clay, recording the lightest touch as well as a heavy hand, is what appeals to me most.
I create all my clay work unassisted, though I enjoy sharing my workspace with fellow artists and non-artists alike. Presently, the majority of my work is formed on potters’ wheel with alterations and clay addition or subtractions taking place afterward. I strive for strong and pure shapes, with an emphasis on form with minimal embellishment. The eventual owners and users of my work will see the same elements of line, form and design that are found in nature, be it in a stone, plant, landscape or human body.”

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